Which Stardew Valley Hunk Should You Marry?

You are now approximately one year into your stay in Pelican Town. Since then, you have experienced life in a strange new environment and met many new people. Now, your farm’s all cleaned up, the animals are happy, and you think it’s time to finally settle down. The problem is the fact that Pelican Town has so many eligible and dashing bachelors that it’s difficult to make a decision! Should you go for the sporty Alex? What about the romantic Elliott? Or maybe you like the bookish Harvey. Can’t decide? Here’s your chance to figure out which Stardew Valley Hunk you should marry!

Let’s go!

Okay let’s settle this first: Cat or Dog?

Every player must have a favourite season. What is yours?


Your plants are watered, fruits harvested, animals fed. What do you do to relax?

Your crush’s birthday is coming up! Quick decide on something to cook for him!

Tomorrow is the day of the annual Stardew Valley Fair! What have you got prepared to display in the city centre?

Oh no! You fished up a bottle of Joja Cola! You:

What was your favourite lesson when you were in school?

Source: stardewvalleywiki; stardewvalley.net

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