Which Animal Crossing Furniture Series Is Perfect For You?

The Animal Crossing games are pretty awesome. They’re super chill, and let you make friends and wander around a nice town full of animals that can be your friends. Just like in The Sims, the Animal Crossing games let you customise your virtual life, from your clothes, to your style, to most importantly, your house. With so many choices, it may be hard to decide on, but that’s what we’re here for. Answer these nine questions, and we’ll tell you which Animal Crossing furniture series would be perfect for you!

Time to get your interior design on!

Which of the four seasons is your favourite?


If you could only eat one type of dessert for the rest of your life (ignoring nutrition), what would it be?

Pick a table

Pick a top

How much are you willing to spend on your home?

What’s your favourite activity in Animal Crossing?

What’s your favourite Animal Crossing-esque game (that isn’t Animal Crossing)

If you were a villager, what would your personality type be?

Pick a painting to hang in your home

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