Vainglory Adds Talent System in Latest Update

Vainglory’s latest update added a game-changing feature for casual players. Players will now get a chance to power-up their favourite heroes by collecting Talent coins, unlocking abilities that amplify a hero’s active and passive skills. This new feature will only exist in the non-competitive “Brawl” game modes, where games last five to ten minutes.

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All heroes will now have three unlockable Talents, tiered between “Rare”, “Epic”, and “Legendary”. Each Talent is unique to each individual hero and affects the game in several ways. Some flashier Talents, like Gwen’s Aces High, affects play directly by increasing a skill’s damage or area of effect. Some are more utilitarian, like Koshka’s Frenzied Talent, which allows her basic attack to lower the cooldown timer of her skills. With such a variety of Talents available, players will be allowed to make even more dramatic plays on the battlefield.

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Talent Coins

Players interested in unlocking these Talents for their hero-of-choice can do so by collecting “Talent coins”. Players can choose to perform daily quests and complete five matches with five heroes to earn a Hero’s chest.

Alternatively, players can earn “Talent coins” through random drops by purchasing mystery chests as well as purchasing a set of randomly selected Talent coins on the marketplace.

Purchasing a set of Talent coins can only be done through the game’s “earned” currency, Glory. Once the Talents have been unlocked, players will be encouraged to level up these Talents.

New Skins

This update also adds new skins for several of the game’s most popular heroes, including Netherknight Lance, and Lapdog Grumpjaw. In addition, there will also be some user interface changes for quests, changes to the marketplaces, and more hero balances.

Netherknight's new skin

Grumpjaw in his new skin running around

Additionally, for a full list of all the changes click here.

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