Top 7 Plants in Video Games

The world around us is filled with greenery. Unfortunately, because we see them so often around us, we hardly notice them. It is different altogether for the plants in video games. These green friends have very strong roles to play in their respective environments. Whether they are monstrous antagonists, adorable friends, or even inanimate herbs, these plants play a huge role in video games . Here are our top 7 plants that we have encountered in video games.

1.  Super Mario series – Petey The Piranha

Petey the Piranha from the Super Mario Series
Petey the Piranha has to be the biggest plant baddie in the Super Mario universe

Petey isn’t just your run-of-the-mill piranha plant that you see in the Super Mario stages. He is the head-honcho of piranha plants. Standing close to 4m tall, Petey is a force to be reckoned with – whether it is in sports, or in Super Mario Sunshine. However, as is with all big monsters, Petey suffers from being a little too much of a goofball. The thing is – he knows it. He will slap himself in humiliation if he takes damage. In the Mario baseball games, he would run daintily when scoring a homerun. A lover of naps, Petey will get angry if other people suddenly wake him up. Indeed, these are not the usual characteristics used to describe a flesh-eating monster out to devour Mario.

Petey’s disproportionate body, together with the red and white polka dotted pants make him a character that is hard to hate. This omnivorous piranha plant definitely boasts a personality bigger than his appetite.

2. Final Fantasy Series – Cactuar

Cactuar from the Final Fantasy Series
Look at this adorable little cactus

Okay, I can’t get over how adorably goofy Cactuars are. From their stiff posture to the aloof facial expression, there is no way you can hate Cactuars. Killing them gives you a huge amount of gil, one of the highest for a normal enemy, for that matter. As such, many players love farming these Cactuars, which is rather unfortunate for our stiff green friends.

What is cool about the Cactuar is their spell.They hold a rather painful spell that Blue Mages would love to have: 1000 Needles of Pain. The spell does 1000 damage, and ignores Defence, which you can expect would be a very useful tool in the arsenal of the Blue Mages.

With multiple permutations of Cactuar such as the Gigantuar and Flowering Cactuar, this green plant is almost as iconic a creature as the chocobos in the Final Fantasy franchise.

3. Plants Versus Zombies series – Celery Stalker

This game could fill the list up itself, but we are just going to pick our favourite from the franchise: the Celery Stalker. Basically a clever play on the name “celery stalk”, the Celery Stalker is a formidable defense in your garden.

You got zombies threatening your front gate? Are your lawnmowers all down? No more Wall-Nuts left? You can deploy the Celery Stalker to fill up the shoes of your defensive and offensive plants. Not only does the Celery Stalker protect you from the invading zombie horde, it also hits zombies that have gone past him. This dual-purpose vegetable is more than just a wallflower in your arsenal of floral threats, it is the MVP – Most Valuable Plant.

4. Injustice 2 – Poison Ivy’s Monster

There isn’t any formal name for this monstrosity that appears in Poison Ivy’s super move. But hey – this guy really packs a punch.

Being devoured by a giant flesh-eating plant with extremely sharp teeth is probably the last way I would want to die if I were a superhero or villain. Just look at Bane in the gif. He doesn’t even stand a chance against this beast. There are definitely less painful ways to die. The fact that this monster is under the control of one of Arkham’s more crazy villains is even worse. Poison Ivy clearly does not want you dead – she’s just letting her plant play around.

You know you are probably in a lot of trouble if you run into Ivy and her floral friend. Just pray hard it will be a fast and painless death. But knowing Poison Ivy, it probably won’t be.

5. Pokémon series – Bellsprout

Bellsprout from Pokémon
Isn’t he just adorable?

Bellsprout might not be Pokémon’s strongest plant – heck, but it is definitely one of the more popular ones. Look at it’s goofy face, its expression will make your heart melt. With a constant blank look and open mouth, Bellsprout looks like it always wants to say something, but can’t.

Bellsprout of course is more than just a plant. It is a miracle of nature. Look at how Bellsprout is able to balance that giant head on such a gaunt lower body. There is no question that Bellsprout has transformed into one of Pokémon’s more iconic plants.

And of course there’s Bellsprout’s dancing skills:

6. Marvel vs Capcom 2 – Amingo

Amingo was never formally released into a standalone game, but we wish he was. This lovable fat green plant-thing is absolutely adorable. Known to be cheerful and gentle, these man-plants always sport a guitar when they travel. A plant lover himself, Amingo is said to be on a quest to save his plant people.

He can turn himself into a ball and throw himself at opponents, dealing heavy damage. Alternatively, he can summon a giant plant that shoots him upwards and turns him into a spiked ball. So while he looks adorable and huggable, don’t take him lightly. The icing on top of the cake? The green giant’s ultimate move. He grabs you with a flower and throws you inside of himself. He then shakes around – probably a dance – and whips out his maracas, before spitting you back out. Wow. He was carrying maracas the whole time during the battle?

Indeed, Amingo is probably not a character players use if they want to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, the silly looking green plant is bound to bring about a smile to people’s faces with his groovy dance moves.

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Jarrin Root

Jarrin Root capture from modded version of Skyrim
While the Jarrin Root is a one of a kind item in the game, you can add a mod which allows the plant to be harvested

The Jarrin Root is possibly one of the most underestimated and lesser-known plants in the game. Obtainable only through the Dark Brotherhood questline, players who do not choose the path of the assassins will never get to see this plant. In the story, this plant is found only in the island of Stros M’kai, which unfortunately, is located in the province of Hammerfell. Which is short for “not Skyrim”.

The plant can be mixed with other ingredients like the Crimson Nirnroot to create poisons that deal insane damage. There have been players showing off their poisons dealing over 6000 damage. Because it is so rare, you are better off saving this precious plant for a special day. Or perhaps display it in one of your homes.

While Jarrin’s Root is unlike the other plants in this list, it’s devastating powers deserves a place on any plant-appreciation list.

Alas, this concludes the list of 7 of our favourite plants in video games! Do you agree with these choices? Feel like there are other plants that deserve the spotlight?

Write to us in the comments section below!

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