Top 3 Assault Rifles And How To Get Them In Ghost Recon Wildlands

It can feel rather intimidating picking the perfect assault rifle when such a vast selection is offered up to you. You need to take into consideration the tactic you’ll be using to approach the objective. Will you be going in loud or stealthily? If you are hunted, will the selected rifle be able to withstand the heat? In this guide I’ll show you my top 3 Ghost Recon Wildlands assault rifles recommendations – the MK17, R5 RGP and ACR and how to get them without being power levelled.

High Damage – MK17

ghost recon mk17
The beautiful MK17

To NOT have the MK17 in your arsenal is almost criminal. The sheer firepower it brings to fights, together with high accuracy and range, allows it to become a semi- sniper rifle with assault rifle capabilities. Pop on a grenade launcher and you’re ready to even take down hard targets like helicopters and armored vehicles.

ghost recon mk17 profile
MK17 would look good on anybody
ghost recon mk17 location
MK17 Location

How to get it

You won’t even need to kill anyone but keep in mind that you’ll be surrounded by Unidad hostiles. Drive in with a Unidad car, take what’s yours and drive out like a boss.

ghost recon mk17 case
The case can be found right next to the doorway

Stealth Killing – R5 RGP

ghost recon -r5 rgp
The very silent R5 RGP

If you intend to go about missions stealthy as a ninja with of course, a gun, then the R5 RGP is your new BFF. Although its accuracy and damage cannot compare to the MK17, it makes up for it with its higher rate of fire and excellent noise reduction. This allows you to get up close and personal with your enemies.

ghost recon r5 rgp profile
Bring your ghillie!
ghost recon r5 rgp location
R5 RGP undisturbed location

How to get it

This location may be run down and in shambles, but it’s strangely void of all hostiles. I would recommend droning up just to be sure, before you run in and go to the top floor to open the weapon case.

ghost recon r5 rgp case
Ninja up!

All Rounder – ACR

ghost recon ACR
The all rounder ACR

The all rounder is the ACR, with decent damage, accuracy, range and rate of fire, together with good stats for steady handling. This gun is great at fighting off hordes of Unidad and Cartel members when you’re being hunted. It won’t be quiet but it will more than do the job of mowing these enemies down and the high rate of fire is very forgiving should you miss a shot.

ghost recon ACR
Who wouldn’t want to own this lovely piece of metal?!
ghost recon ACR location
ACR location

How to get it

You can fly a helicopter to this location, but be careful to watch for any SAM (Surface-to-air missiles) systems along the way. Remember to fly low! And don’t enter from the front entrance! The weapon case is located near the back and isn’t heavily guarded.

You can take out the guard at the post before stealth swimming across the river and infiltrating the base. It’s in the container to your left.

ghost recon ACR case
Hooray, ACR weapons case!

Do you agree with my recommendations? If not, post your assault weapon setup in the comments! I’d love to hear which assault rifle has worked out for you!

Source for images: In-game screenshots