SpotiFridays – League of Legends (Part 1)

Ever wondered what a particular game character would have on their Spotify playlist? Worry not, this week we take a look at what the eight newest champions from League of Legends would love to listen to while they destroy the enemy team’s Nexus. We’ve even included the links straight to their respective playlists, so you can enjoy your games while immersed in the music.

Rakan & Xayah

Being the first official couple to hit the champions roster, we couldn’t help but picture a shared playlist, with nothing but sheer dedication for each other. After all, a couple that lanes together, stays together. (Results may vary.)


Better known as the ‘Steel Shadow’, Camille Ferros hailed from a noble family in Piltover but is no stranger to handling operations outside the boundaries of the law. For that badassery, she’s bound to have power-packed jams to fit her equally cutting-edge gameplay.


We’re sure that Ivern sings constantly to his magical fauna and flora with great pride with these earthy tunes, in the hopes of them growing beautifully on Summoner’s Rift.


Kled the Cantankerous Cavalier and his trusty companion Skaarl are rarely seen apart. Unless she flees for the woods when she takes too much damage, that is. To this, he’s dedicated an entire playlist to the jittery reptilian steed!


Be it creating a wall to keep her team mates safe, or surfing in to boldly engage her opponents, do not let Taliyah’s calm facade fool you. She has a cracking playlist to make anybody quake in their boots!

Aurelion Sol

This unsung hero of the midlane would no doubt have a playlist that we deem truly out-of-this-world!


Ah, there is nothing Jhin loves to hear more than the screams of his enemies running in terror. Accompanied by the sweet songs of how they sing of their demise, of course.