Top 3 Sniper Rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Sniper Rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Running and gunning like RAMBO is always fun in action games but in this game, sniping from afar is the most satisfying experience. This is especially so when you’re perched on higher ground like a hill or prone nicely among the rocks on a nearby mountain, looking down your sights, taking aim at those delicious targets with your trusty sniper rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

BOOM, headshot (maybe?), a successful kill from over 300 metres away, I swear you’ll feel like a damn sniping god. Anything above that range and you’re a superstar, calculating bullet drop and velocity, all while the target looks like a tiny nose booger.

Bullet velocity is the speed at which the bullet leaves the gun. The slower it is, the longer it takes for the bullet to reach your target location. If the target is moving, you’ll need to adjust your aim to compensate. Mastering bullet velocity is very important as a sniper in Ghost Recon Wildlands, especially in higher difficulties in areas that have four and more skulls. Enemies will tend to move a lot more at these bases and you’ll have to trail your target to eliminate him, ensuring that he doesn’t alert his fellow cartel mates to your presence.

The experience is enhanced when you’ve brought along fellow squadmates to sync shots with, taking out enemies together from afar. To ensure you get your target all the time, testing and practice is necessary. You’ll also want to bring along the best sniper rifle.

Here are the top three sniper rifles that I recommend you pick up early in game: The HTI, MSR and MK14. I’ll show you where and how to get them without having to be super powered up in game.


100% sexy

The HTI is my personal favourite with strongest damage amongst the three. The downside of course, is its extremely low rate of fire.You’ll need to be confident in your shots as the next round that leaves the chamber will take quite a while. This  gun embodies the saying ‘one hit one kill. Miss your target and prepare for the cartel to call on reinforcements and hunt you down.

HTI stats
Strong against hard targets
HTI location

How to get it?

HTI case
Open case and take out ‘Sexy’.

Best used against hard targets like enemy choppers, jammers and generators, and long range kills of enemy units.


Would you look at the beauty?

My next recommendation is the MSR, touted by most sites as the best sniper rifle you can find in the game. I disagree to a certain extent, because it does less damage to your target while having almost the same atrocious reload time as the HTI. It’s also not effective against hard targets like enemy choppers that can attack in multiples as you explore more dangerous areas. As I mentioned earlier, the joy of this game is to stealthily take out enemies from afar, but with the MSR, you’ll only shine at medium range against soft targets like enemy grunts and soldiers. It is however, more forgiving when you miss because of its higher rate of fire.

MSR stats
Best against soft targets
MSR location
Also found at the dangerous Montuyoc

How to get it?

MSR case
Witness its power!

Best used at medium range against enemy cartel members and Unidad soldiers.


Still sexy but with less damage

Neither a sniper rifle nor an assault rifle, the MK14 falls right in between with its good range, high accuracy, faster rate of fire and bigger magazine size. It’s best equipped if you’re the guy supporting the sniper and want some medium range assault power when the Rambo on your team runs into a bit of trouble. To compensate for lower damage vs HTI and MSR, you’ll have to fire a lot more shots to take down your target, hence the bigger magazine size. This also means it’s a lot more forgiving if you fail to snipe your target as its high rate of fire gives you a faster reaction time. Irating hard targets is not recommended.

MK14 stats
Best against weaker enemy types, faster rate of fire
MK14 location

How to get it?

MK14 case
A great all rounder, except hard targets.

Best used at medium range against weaker enemy types.

Did you agree with my recommendations? If not, post your sniping weapon setup in the comments! I’d love to hear how you have customized your guns to make you feel like a god!

Source for images: In-game screenshots, Official Ghost Recon Wildlands


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