Which Skyrim Playstyle Suits You Best?

Skyrim may have come out almost 10 years ago, but the game never gets old. Currently, I’m on my fourth playthrough of the game and I’m proud to say that I’ve explored other skill trees other than Sneak, Pickpocket, Light Armour and Archery. I now dabble in a bit of Heavy Armour as well! With a game that boasts an extensive list of weapons and spells (even more if you mod it), there are so many playstyles that you can explore. Here’s your chance to find out which Skyrim playstyle suits you best – and we can all be optimistic that you do get something other than the dreaded vanilla Stealth Archer.

Ready? Let’s go!

Which Skyrim Playstyle Suits You Best?

Let’s start easy. Pick a weapon:

Alright, pick one. Vampire or Werewolf?

A wandering mercenary approaches you and threatens to kill you if you don’t give him money. What do you do?

Oh no! You’ve got too many dragon bones in your inventory! You:

You approach Whiterun and see a dragon terrorizing the city. What do you do?

A beggar at the city centre is asking for money. You:

Choose an organisation to join:

Your final task is to slay Alduin. How do you prepare for it?

Source for Images: Skyrim Wikia, Bethesda, In-Game Footage