Bethesda Releases New 35 min Prey Gameplay Trailer

Loved Prey from 2006? Can’t wait to get your hands on the up-coming “re-imagining” of the game? Don’t mind some pretty significant spoilers and absolutely have to know what the gameplay will be like right now? Watch the 35 minute Prey gameplay trailer above.

This video is the first 35 minutes of the game so is sure to spark “I want more” cravings. It’s also bound to leave you asking “what happens next?!”.

Watch the video and you’ll learn about some of the abilities Yu (sorry for the horrible pun) will have in the game, as well as get a look at upgrade system. You will also get a feel for what it would be like if your first day on a job went to hell.

Check out the video and say “hi” to the aliens that are out to destroy humanity.

New version of Prey. Release date: 5 May 2017

People love making movies and games about aliens wanting to kill us…and we love buying them. Surely it’s because they tap into our deep-seated fear of the unknown, and when we’re dealing with aliens, the possibilities for creepiness are limitless.

Coming in May this year, this new first-person shooter, by the team that produced the Dishonored series, looks pretty amazing:

In Prey, aliens have taken over the space station Talos I and you, playing as Morgan Yu, are in the cliched role of “mankind’s only hope for survival”.

The game is a re-imagining of the 2006 title of the same name. It is not a sequel to the original game – it features new characters, in a new setting. A sequel for Prey (2006) was planned but eventually got cancelled.

Keep an eye out for more news on Prey as we get closer to the release date.