Planescape: Torment – A Low-Spoiler Beginner’s Guide

18 years – that’s how long I’ve waited for an Enhanced Edition of Planescape: Torment. Well, I wasn’t exactly waiting for it, as never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen. But it did! Without spoiling too much, here are some tips for getting started in this game to maximise your enjoyment of this classic.

What can change the nature of a man?

You start off as a Fighter, but…

During character creation, you’ll notice that one important aspect is missing: picking a class.

You’ll start off as a Fighter, and you’ll need to find a teacher before you can change your class. Both teachers are located in Ragpicker’s Square in The Hive, which you can access very early on. Look for Mebbeth if you want to play a Mage, and Ratbone to be a Thief.

There are 3 classes in Torment – Fighter, Thief, and Mage. You can freely switch between classes during the game, though I strongly recommend that you pick one and stick with it.

planescape torment mage
Can a Fighter do THIS?

Play a Mage

You really should be playing a Mage. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Mages get more conversation options because of how you prioritise your ability scores. Torment is a conversation-based game so this is important.
  • The spells in Torment are a spectacle to behold. Even a measly level 1 Magic Missile darkens the screen for dramatic effect. A lot of spells above level 3 have full animations akin to Final Fantasy summon spells, so you don’t want to miss those.
  • Combat is also a lot more interesting as a Mage. With your limited spell slots, you’ll have to constantly think about positioning and the strategic use of resources.

If you want to take the route of spellcasting (“The Art”, as it’s called in the world of Planescape), I recommend that you start The Nameless One with the following stats:

  • Wisdom: 18
  • Intelligence: 17
  • Charisma: 13

You will only ever need 19 Intelligence to learn all the spells in the game, and you can easily bump your 17 to a 19 with a Tattoo from Fell’s Tattoo Parlor.

A high wisdom score is essential for unlocking more memories, so get it to 25 as soon as possible.

A high Charisma unlocks more conversation options. If you have any spare points later in the game put them into Constitution for the regenerative powers.

If you really want to play a Fighter…

You’ll miss out on a lot of the story, but it’s still pretty fun because you’ll be a practically invincible killing machine. Go with the following stats:

  • Strength: 17
  • Constitution: 18
  • Wisdom: 13

Your highest priority is to get Strength to 19 to get that insane +3 To Hit and +7 Damage bonus. You can go from 17 to 19 by getting a Tattoo of Greater Might.

We’re not going with 18 Strength because the improvements are marginal and you’ll need to invest a lot of points as there are a few “tiers” of 18 Strength, so you should skip it entirely with a Tattoo.

A Wisdom of 13 unlocks some of the more important memories for you, without taking too much away from your physical attributes.

Why not a Thief?

I don’t recommend playing a Thief, as you’ll get a pretty good Thief companion who will fulfill all your thieving needs. There really aren’t a lot of traps to disable in Torment, and most locked containers can be broken with Strength.

Therefore, a Thief is not really needed – You should either be enjoying the full Torment experience with a Mage, or kicking major ass with a Fighter.

planescape torment thief
Combat can get pretty messy

Tweak your gameplay options

Right at the start of the game, go to “Gameplay” under options and enable the following:

  • Heal on Rest: There aren’t many resting opportunities, so you want to get a proper rest whenever you have the chance. There are no timed quests in Torment, so resting for days won’t affect the story in any way.
  • Max HP on Level Up: You’re going to be reloading your game every time you don’t roll Max HP anyway, so might as well enable this.
  • Always Run: There aren’t any quests that requires you to walk slowly, so there’s no reason to do so.
  • Show Enemy Health Status: Useful to know how much you should commit to hitting someone.

Press Tab often

There are a fair number of quests that asks you to look for certain objects in the vicinity. With the Enhanced Edition, you can now hold Tab and highlight all containers in the area so that you don’t have to hover your mouse over everything while hunting for a single item. Also handy for maximising the loot you get from each area.

planescape torment dialogue
Planescape: Torment has many interesting characters that you should talk to

Talk to everyone

Torment is a game grounded in dialogue, and almost everyone has something interesting or important to say. Talk to everyone. Even the nameless townsfolk sometimes have items or quests for you.

Here’s a low-spoiler guide on how to find all the companions

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Source for images: Steam