Outlast Fancast – Which Actor Should Play Which Character?

When you think about it, horror is a pretty weird genre. It seems really counter-intuitive, that we want to consume media that makes us feel terrified and scared. You know, all those feelings that we try to avoid in real life. Yet somehow we keep coming back to horror movies and horror games. For example, Outlast 2 comes out next week, and even though the first game probably made you soil your pants, you know you’re going to get the second one. In anticipation of the release of Outlast 2, we’ve come up with an Outlast fancast for who should play who in a movie adaptation of the original game.


miles upshur head + lee pace + miles upshur body
Lee Pace as Miles Upshur

So the biggest problem with translating Outlast into a movie is that it’s a first person game. We play as Miles, experience things as he does, but we never get to see his face. Sure, there’s an in-game model for his head but that’s….not really the same thing, is it?

Lee Pace has already proven his acting chops in multiple genres, from The Hobbit to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Pushing Daisies. Technically, he’s done horror movies before, but that’s only if you count Twilight as a horror movie. Which nobody should. Still, he’s definitely got an interest in horror, and there’s no doubt he would do a good job of conveying Miles’ terror and bitter cynicism as he encounters Mount Massive Asylum’s worst inmates.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, Pinterest

waylon park + steven yeun
Steven Yeun as Waylon Park

Like Miles, Waylon’s face is never revealed in the game itself. In Issue 4 of the official comics however, we get a picture of Waylon with his wife and kids. The art is very stylised, but it definitely hints towards him being Korean. That, and his surname is a pretty common Korean surname.

Steven Yeun is probably a familiar face to anybody who’s even somewhat in touch with recent television. Glenn was a fan favourite in The Walking Dead, and Steven Yeun plays terrified and bloodied-up very, very well. Just like how Waylon pretty much spends the entire DLC! Sorry, buddy.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, Forbes


wernicke + christopher walken
Christopher Walken as Dr. Rudolf Wernicke

We don’t see Wernicke all that much in the game, but given his importance to the plot of the story, he’d probably play a much bigger role in a movie adaptation. Christopher Walken would be excellent as the creepy Nazi-esque scientist. Especially since he’s played a character who’s the result of Nazi experimentation. Going full-circle!

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, io9

jeremy blaire + adrian pasdar
Adrian Pasdar as Jeremy Blaire

Ah yes. This guy. Arguably the most evil character in the game, given that he was the one behind the experiments. Adrian Pasdar of Heroes fame not only looks good in a suit, but would also be pretty badass as the manipulative and greedy Blaire.

Image Source: tumblr, getty images


Okay, this is the section where things get iffy. After all, the inmates of Mount Massive Asylum all look kind of….well. Messed up, to say the least. So let’s assume there’s going to be lots of prosthetics, or cgi, or what have you.

chris walker + big show
Big Show as Chris Walker

Big Show is, amazingly enough, even taller than Chris Walker is in canon. Plus, his background in wrestling will only make him more convincing as the big brutish Walker.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, USANetwork

father martin + patrick stewart
Patrick Stewart as Father Martin

No, it’s not just because they’re both bald. Father Martin’s kind of got that creepy fanatic vibe going on, and you know you want to see how Patrick Stewart would carry that off. And okay, him having the same (lack of) hair helps.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, avclub

dr trager + michael fassbender
Michael Fassbender as Dr. Richard Trager

Since Trager has half his face ripped off, you’re gonna need someone who can act with his full body. Fassbender can definitely do that. Also, he’s gotten super skinny before for his role in Hunger, so you know he can probably get skinny-ripped for Trager. Probably.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, politicaltraveler

eddie gluskin + zane holtz
Zane Holtz as Eddie Gluskin

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got Zane Holtz as The Groom. We know that Zane Holtz has experience playing deranged and terrifying, given his role in From Dusk Till Dawn. Plus, he’s got training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which would give authenticity to any fight scenes.

Image Source: Outlast Wiki, Instagram

What do you think, horror movie adaptation, yea or nay? Who would you choose to cast as the actors?