Nintendo Switch Online Service Delayed to 2018

Nintendo announced recently that their online service for the Switch that was expected to launch this fall has been delayed. The service has apparently been delayed to sometime in 2018 and will cost $20 per year of its service.

Nintendo Switch Online Service

The Nintendo Switch online service seems to be Nintendo’s version of the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. The service will allow users to play co-op with friends or competitive games using their Nintendo Accounts.

However, unlike the PlayStation and Xbox counterparts, the Nintendo Switch console will not have online lobby or voice chat features. Users will have to instead download a smartphone app that will let you invite friends to play online, set play appointments, and chat with friends during online matches in compatible games. A free, limited version of the app is expected to launch sometime this summer.

Classic Games Section

The Nintendo Switch Online Service will also feature a Classic Games Selection. Users will get to download a compilation of classic titles with online play added to the games.

This means users will be able to play classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario with friends online.

The Online Service will come in the following subscription packages:

In addition, online play will be available for free until the service launches. Here are some more details on what users will get from the service:

The plan initially was to allow subscribers to have access to a different game each month, but it has since then been changed to allowing online subscribers an access to a library of classic games.

That means subscribers won’t be restricted to one title, but they’ll be able to play as many from the library as they want, as long as their subscription remains active.

Source: Nintendo