Which Mass Effect Alien Race Are You?

Mass Effect is a much beloved series, both for its graphics, gameplay, and its ability to let us pretend we’re space explorers. And the best part about space is, as you would expect, the aliens. Aliens!!! They get to be your squadmates, your bedmates, and your enemies. Unfortunately, the player character is always human. That doesn’t stop us from wishing we could be aliens too though. If you’ve ever wondered which Mass Effect alien race you would be, here’s the quiz for you!

Which Mass Effect Alien Race are you?

Let’s start with an easy one. What’s your favourite class in school?

Pick an animal!

If you were a D&D character, what would your strongest attribute be?

And now, what would your weakest attribute be?

Pick an element

If you lived in the Citadel, what kind of job would you want to have?

You’re at the Purgatory Bar, having drinks with your friends. What do you order?

Pick a pair of shoes

Pick a Bioware series (that isn’t Mass Effect)

Pick a Dragon Age: Inquisition companion. If you never played, just pick whoever looks coolest!

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