Final Fantasy XV Instagram: What If The Final Fantasy XV Bros Had Instagram?

If you’re confused by the mix of technology and fantasy elements in Final Fantasy XV, you’re not alone. It’s kind of hard to imagine how cell phones and cars go together with swords and summonable gods and magic. And yet, somehow, it works! It doesn’t feel jarring to see Noctis pull out a cell phone to take a call after summoning Titan to kill a giant beast. You know what does feel jarring though? The fact that we don’t see the travelling bros use social media. Final Fantasy XV Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…These are the things the game’s missing, to be honest. Well, one of the few things anyway.

C’mon, admit it. You know the four bros would totally tweet their way across Eos. Just imagine all the bitchy tweets and sarcastic hashtags that would happen whenever Noctis made the group camp instead of go to a swanky hotel. Or all the terrible Snapchats that Prompto would have of the other guys.

If we can’t have that in-game, we can at least imagine it. So here’s what we think the Final Fantasy Instagram accounts of the Chocobros would look like!


final fantasy xv instagram noctis
The prince of pain(fully terrible photography)

The crown prince (and eventually king) of Lucis would have a pretty normal Instagram account. He did go to a regular school, after all. I mean, he wouldn’t have like anything too scandalous; a prince has a reputation to maintain and all. Mostly he’d be just posting photos of his regular life. Probably not even great photos. After all, Prompto’s the one always taking pictures, why would Noctis need to practice?

If you kept scrolling:

  • More shots of Lunafreya. They’ve been close since they were young, and they did get engaged after all! Plus, can you blame him?
  • Umbra and Pyrna. This is kind of an extension of the many Luna pics he’d post, but also because dogs are awesome and super Instagram-friendly…
  • …but not as Instagram friendly as cats! Like the one that we see Noctis feeding in the game.
  • The bros! Hanging out, doing things, driving around Insomnia and then Eos
  • Pictures of Tenebrae, which Luna sends to him. Kind of like #tbts, except it’s a throwback all the way to his childhood. And not really throwbacks, since they’re recent photos.


final fantasy xv instagram ignis
Food, food everywhere.

Ignis would probably use social media the least out of all the bros. Instagram very much included. After all, he’s too busy trying to keep Noctis out of trouble and functioning like a normal human being. Given how messy his room was in Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood and how reluctant he is to eat vegetables, it’s probably a full-time job. Good luck, Ignis.

If you kept scrolling:

  • Food. His own dishes, as well as dishes he’d like to try.
  • Food that he wishes he could cook. Aka vegetables. I bet the caption for any vegetable picture goes something along the lines of  “Look at all these vegetables his highness will never eat.”
  • Campfire photos! If there’s ever any downtime for Ignis, it’s be after the cooking and setting up of camp is all done. After all, whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up, right?


final fantasy xv instagram gladiolus
He would have more than just cup noodle pictures. Just barely.

Okay, we joke, but for real. How much does this guy love cup noodles!? The big guy would probably not be super active on Instagram, but not as inactive as Ignis is. Mostly because while he’d have the time for it, it doesn’t really seem like his kind of thing. He’s got books to read, pushups to do, and all that kind of stuff.

If you kept scrolling:

  • Pictures of Iris! He seems like exactly that kind of protective, overbearing, proud older brother who would take a billion pictures with his sister. Especially embarrassing ones.
  • Camping, outdoorsy stuff. It’s his skill, after all!
  • Pictures of his workout results. Can you blame him? Man, if you had pecs like that guy, you’d totally be taking about a thousand shirtless selfies, admit it.
  • And last, because we couldn’t not include it: Cup noodles


final fantasy xv instagram prompto
Selfies…selfies everywhere.

Last, but definitely not least (except maybe in buffness), we’ve got Prompto. The resident photographer of the group would have the most prolific Instagram account, naturally. The real question is, would he mostly post selfies, or his actual attempts at photography? Trick question, the answer’s clearly a solid both.

If you kept scrolling:

  • Selfies
  • Selfies everywhere
  • Most of them not even very well taken. Seriously, Prompto. It’s not that hard, why are you so terrible at taking selfies for such a cute guy?!
  • Chocobos! ♪I wanna ride a chocobo all daaay~♪
  • Landscape shots. That’s what roadtrips around the continent are for, of course.
  • Group pictures! These go better than his selfies, for some reason.

So, which bro would you follow?