Which Final Fantasy XV Bro Are You?

For all its amazing graphics and fluid gameplay, the one thing that really makes Final Fantasy XV tick is the bond between the four core members. It makes the characters feel more real, and therefore makes us feel more invested in their story and their world. What really works about the group’s friendship though, is probably that we can recognise elements of our own real life friendships in theirs. After all, every band of friends has its own Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. Maybe multiples of each, depending on how big your friend group is!

Sure, there probably aren’t any princes in your circle of friends. Probably. But you’ve definitely got someone who’s the leader, and around whom the rest of the group gravitates. And naturally, there’s a Gladiolus, an Ignis, and a Prompto as well. Not necessarily physically! Just in terms of the role they play within your group of friends.

Maybe you’re the Gladiolus of your friends and you just happen to be super buff too, in which case congratulations. I think.

Pick an Ignis dish™!

Pick an iconic Final Fantasy weapon


In your downtime, what’s your preferred thing to do?

Pick a Final Fantasy monster

What Hogwarts house are you in?


You and your friends have plans to hang out this weekend. How do you prepare?

Describe your style

You and your friends are out together. What are you normally doing?

Pick an element

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