Dota Twitter Conversations: Colin the Creep

Colin has been a Creep his whole life. It isn’t really bad y’know? He wakes up, goes to work, gets impaled by an enemy Hero, dies, and gets revived. All in a matter of minutes. But Colin has bigger dreams than just defending the Ancient. He wants to be a hero too! Today’s Dota Twitter Conversations features Colin the Creep, as he shares the issues he faces while at work.

A Day in the Life of Colin the Creep

Twitter Text - New DP guys! BTW i’m the guy in the middle lol. That's ryan in front of me hes a cool guy
Colin is pictured here together with Wayne and Ryan, his best friends.
Twitter Text - Woo game time finally! Hmm let’s see highest MMR on my team is 2.1k…Probably means i can get a few last hits and save up some gold.
2k MMR players probably can last hit. Just not that often.
Twitter Text - Got 1000 saved up already. Another 2800 and i can finally get that Sacred Relic!
Woah Colin really wants to go big.
Twitter Text - Does anyone know where the “secret” shop is? Never really had a chance to go explore around so not toooo sure where it is @24940285 @19050855
I’m sure he’s not the only one. People in the 1k trench probably don’t know about the secret shop as well.
Twitter Text - What do you mean don’t serve my kind here...
I guess the Shopkeeper isn’t open to everyone
Twitter Text - All that talk about being all “new” and “modern” and “progressive”, but a creep cannot buy an item in today’s age???
Wow someone is a little #triggered
Twitter Text - Oh well. Better get back to work. Boss says that he wants the tower down by today. I say he’s crazy
What a model worker. Crazy demands, but he still follows them.
Twitter Text - Yay friends are here! Hey Lich @mrfreeze wassup! Are we ready to win or what??
Oh no…Colin…oh no…

Well, Lich probably does not even follow Colin on Twitter anyway.

Twitter Text - Lich gonna have your mana :D :D
RIP Colin the Creep 2017-2017.

Not to worry. Colin is probably used to it. It’s his 298491615th time dying anyway!

Source for images: Tweets generated here; Profile Picture taken in-game.