DeadlyKittens are The Next Heroes of the Storm Esports Team To Look Out For In SEA

Recently, Zenway Productions announced that their acquisition of Esports team DeadlyKittens. While DeadlyKittens isn’t the most familiar team name, its members have been making waves in the Southeast Asian Heroes of the Storm scene for a while. Here’s a look at some events that led the members of DeadlyKittens to where they are now.

A skirmish in Heroes of the Storm

The History

Before there was DeadlyKittens, there was team Relics and team Renovatio. Singaporean team Relics was consistently placed in the finals of every Singaporean major competition since the game was in its early stages, due in no small part to its dynamic duo, Michael “Mirr” Luo and Bjorn “Zeys” Ong. Despite the team’s high player turnover, these two members stayed together through thick and thin.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, Ronel “Stronger” Tan, Neil “Nsj” San Juan (then known as vyy) and Kieron “Enavir” Goli (formerly JumpyLion) began their side of the story as team Bibingka. The three split apart when they formed team Renovatio, with Stronger and Nsj playing for the first team and Enavir in the second.

The Spring Championships 2016

Enter the Spring Championships 2016. The Singaporeans had always been the favourites to win in the regional tournaments, but underdogs Renovatio 1 pulled out all the stops, beating both Singaporean powerhouses, Resurgence and Relics, to emerge the victors.

How the Spring Championship works

Summer 2016 came, and this time, Renovatio fielded just the one team, with Enavir joining the fray. It was Relics and Renovatio vying for the Southeast Asian crown. Once again, Renovatio cemented their claim to the throne.

Some time after, Relics finally disbanded after a two-year run. Renovatio, newly rebranded as Imperium Pro Team (IPT), took in Mirr and Zeys. This was the super team which went on to dominate the Fall 2016 SEA Championships, maintaining a clean sheet and wiping the floor with the competition.

A New Beginning

Despite the team’s success, they once again went their separate ways. Mirr and Zeys formed a Singaporean team, DeadlyKittens, while Stronger, Nsj and Enavir started xRenovatio. But while United they stood, divided, they fell; both teams were beaten soundly in the Eastern Clash.

Perhaps that was the catalyst for change. Rather than wallow in their losses, the five came together once again under the name ConboxSEA for the 2017 Mid-Season Brawl. And when the dust had settled, ConboxSEA was the last team left standing.

The newly formed DeadlyKittens Teamm

Zenway Productions

Their next big break came when they were picked up by Singaporean event management company, Zenway Productions. Now known as ZW.DeadlyKittens, the team will be competing at Dreamhack Summer, held in Jönköping, Sweden. It is there that the team hopes to finally make their mark.

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Source: Zenway Productions