Bandai Namco’s New RPG, Code Vein, Looks Like Bloody Fun

A week ago, Bandai Namco released a trailer with the tagline “Prepare To Dine”. Given that they’re the people behind the Dark Souls series and its Prepare To Dine tagline, speculation was rife about the nature of this project. Would it be like Dark Souls, but with vampires?

The trailer itself was pretty short, but already intriguing. Then earlier today, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu came out and with it, a name.

Code Vein

With a team that consists of quite a few God Eater staff, Code Vein is still in the relatively early stages of development, but it already looks pretty good.

Gematsu translated the first details, but here’s the general gist:

Code Vein is set in the near future, in “Vein”, a closed-off society. The people living in Vein are known as “Revenants” and possess supernatural powers, which unfortunately come at the price of losing most of their memories. Revenants sound kind of like vampires, as they need a constant supply of blood or risk turning into a monster called a “Lost”. You play as a member of the Revenants, exploring Vein and finding out the history of how the world came to be in this state.

As for gameplay itself, you have access to a variety of weapons, and will have a Buddy that sounds like it’ll be something like Monster Hunter‘s Felyne companions. Revenants also have a fascinating thing called Blood Veils, which are kind of like armour or equipment that….sucks up blood. Which is then drunk by the Revenants. Sounding more and more like vampires, eh?

There are more details in the Famitsu article, but it’s in Japanese. Luckily, the official announcement should drop some time today. We’ll keep you updated with more news, so stay tuned!

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